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- Household Survey

- Individual Survey

- Openhouse

Individual Survey


The main part of this questionnaire is a household questionnaire and we have called it household NEXWEDENI NENDUWH HUJELT'IN (Our People, What they are Doing). The more people who participate and give their voice, the more depth and power this process will have. So, we would like to hear from as many members of our community as possible, both on and off the reserve.

To help with this, we have made an individual NEXWEDENI NENDUWH HUJELT'IN available online in addition to the household one. This individual online version allows additional household members to give input on specific concerns once the household level questionnaire has already been completed.

Please spread the word and take a few minutes to give your opinion. Your voice matters! (only complete this once the household questionnaire has been completed)

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