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Tl'etinqox Government Office

Phone: (250) 394-4212

Fax: (250) 394-4275

Tl'etinqox Health Department

Phone: (250) 394-4240

Toll-free 1-855-394-4240

Fax: (250) 394-4234

Tl'etinqox Income Assistance

Phone: (250) 394-4302

Fax: (250) 394-7026

Tl'etinqox School

Phone: (250) 394-4293

Fax: (250) 394-4543

Chilcotin River Trading

Phone: (250) 394-4919

Datsan Chugh (Adult Ed)

(250) 394-4083

Tl'etinqox Youth Centre

(250) 394-4253 


Tanaya Hance, Receptionist

Mitch Verde, Interim Executive Director

Eleanor Cooper, Fleet Manager

Trudi Frost, Indian Registry Assistant

Vacant, Chief's Assistant

Vacant, Custodian

Ashley Hunlin, Housing Clerk

Allison Charleyboy, Nen Coordinator

Kelly Feldinger, Justice Worker

Angela Giovanelli, Chief Advisor for MCFD

Vacant, Family Support Worker


Melanie Johnny, Education/Events

Post Secondary Education Policy Handbook

Finance Department

Karen Reedel, Dechen/Tl'etinqox Government Economic Development Finance

Kimberly Johnny, Payroll Administrator

Janel Alphonse, Accounts Payable

Denelle Noskiye, Finance Assistant

Operation & Maintenance

Tyron Harry, O&M Manager

Shawn Alphonse, Maintenance

Henry Dick, Maintenance

Dylan Dick, Maintenance

Keith Johnny, Maintenance

Income Assistance

Income Assistance Program

The overall goal of the Income Assistance Program is an improved quality of life through the reduction of poverty on-reserve, as well as improved participation in the workforce for participants of the program.

The Income Assistance program provides funding to assist eligible individuals and families who live on-reserve.

To determine eligibility, the Income Assistance program requires one picture ID and one non-picture ID as well as a copy of your notice of assessment for income tax.


Agatha Billy, IA Reception

Yvonne Hare, Director of Community Development

Graylin Jobin, Income Assistance Director

Dorothy Alphonse, Income Assistance

Darleen Alphonse, Income Assistance

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