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Health Contact:

Phone: (250) 394 - 4240

Fax: (250) 394 - 4234

Toll Free: 1-855-394-4240 


The Health Clinic offers nurse, doctor, dental and other health-related services to Tl'etinqox members.

Home & Community Care

Assists members with household tasks they cannot do themselves while promoting client independence and community involvement.

Patient Travel

Provides travel assistance to members of the community to meet health needs (visiting, doctors, dentists, specialists)

Mental Health

Offers health counseling, community workshops and events to members.

On Tl'etinqox Health staff, we have:

Audrey Poucette, Health Receptionist

Carmen Guichon, Health Receptionist

Mitch Verde, Health Director

Gabriella Realff, Registered Nurse

Deanne Case, Patient Travel/Water Safety Clerk

Vacant, Registered Nurse

Cybill Pigeon, Elders Support Coordinator

Vacant, Family Wellness Counsellor

Flora Stump, Health Care Assistant

Vacant, Wellness Worker

Vacant, Wellness Worker

Vacant, Health Custodian

Youth Workers

Vacant, Youth Worker

Michelle Billy, Youth Worker

Equine Program

Paula Splichal, Equine 

Garrett Wilson, Equine Ranch Hand

2020-2021 Tl'etinqox & Tsilhqot'in Equine Initiatives Report

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