Household Survey

You have likely heard by now that our community is doing its best to survey itself as the first step of a community plan that will help us move forward together in a good way.

The main part of this is a household questionnaire and we have called it NEXWEDENI NENDUWH HUJELT'IN (Our People, What they are Doing). To be able to plan for our future, we first need to better understand where we are today. We need to know more about our membership, including things like education, health and well-being, employment, traditional language, so that we can better develop programs to meet our members needs.

Also, this baseline information would help us identify and quantify community issues (e.g., how many of our youth are finishing high school), and provide a starting point to allow us to measure progress against (e.g., compared to 2016, how many more youth are graduating from high school).

We will begin the household questionnaire over the holidays. If you live on-reserve someone will knock on your door and help you complete the questionnaire in the next month or so. You can also pick up a questionnaire in the Health Office.

If you live off-reserve you can complete the household questionnaire online here:

If your household has more than one person, please have one person complete the household questionnaire first and then other members can complete the shorter individual NEXWEDENI NENDUWH HUJELT'IN:

Your responses to the questionnaire will be confidential. All of the canvassers have signed a confidentiality agreement and none of your personal information will be shared. When you submit your responses, your name and contact information will not be able to be associated with your responses. Responses will be compiled for the purpose of identifying community priorities and trends and no personal level information will be linked to it.