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Mission Statement

The Tl’etinqox Government will promote and preserve the cultural, economic and community balance by encouraging communication and participation with the membership in achieving a healthy lifestyle and social harmony.

The Tl’etinqox Government is also committed to establishing a promoting sound relationships with all residents, neighbouring communities, First Nations and all other levels of government.

"My goal from the time I was elected has been to create financial stability, bring policy and proper procedures back to the organization, bring staff that are diverse and share the view of creating pride in our community.

We need to recognize our culture and incorporate that into the everyday operation of the administration arm of the community. I want Anaham to be the model community everyone strives to become. I want to raise the profile of our community on every level of society. I want our youth to have the confidence to succeed beyond what we were ever to reach."

- Chief Joe Alphonse

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