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Community Road Name Options

Excel Spread Sheet of Road Name Option

The Road Name Project came about because 911 (Emergency Services) needed clearer directions to peoples homes in the community. The purpose of naming roads in this community is purely for safety. Having our roads named and our homes properly numbered could SAVE A LIFE, and save time for Ambulance and Fire services to reach your home in the event of an emergency.

Community members were asked to help name roads, through the many many suggestions TGO received, we were able to put these suggestions into themes. It is extremely important to have names in Tsilhqot'in but also in English for non-Tsilhqot'in speakers. We tried to follow a theme and kept words to singular, simple, and easy to say. This process of road naming becomes a small act of reclamation. It is, and always will be, extremely important to ensure that our language is spoken, taught, and visible in all acts of governance.

The options for Road Names are as follows:

Option 1 - Ancestors

Option 2- Legends

Option 3- Culture

Option 4- Birds

Option 5- Fish

Option 6- Mammals

Option 7- Trees 

Votes were tallied on Tuesday April 30th.

76 members (in and out of community) voted!

18 chose Ancestors

27 chose Legends

29 chose Culture

1 chose Birds

0 Chose Fish

0 chose Mammals

1 chose Trees

Every Tl'etinqox Member (in or out of community) is entitled to vote! Please ensure that you have your full name entered in the poll - anonymous votes WILL NOT be tallied.

Community members will also have the option of voting in person on April 15th at the Datsan Chugh Building from 10-4pm during the Tl'etinqox Open House. If you have voted in person and online, only 1 vote will be counted. 

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