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Economic Development gives the Tl'etinqox Government many opportunities to expand and take the office to newer heights of development.

We are comprised of over 1,500 members with about 560 members living on-reserve. Our lands are 100 km west of Williams Lake, located on the banks of the Chilcotin River on Highway 20. The land is rich in possibilities and is known for historic trails, waterways, and recreational activities.

We are a community working together to build on its strengths, increasing its human and infrastructure capability, supporting business growth, and encouraging investment to help create and retain desirable jobs within the community. Economic Development is about helping to improve the quality of life of our residents.

We are working on our 5-year plan to better out community's future of Employment and sustainability. This would help our office move forward.

Tl'etinqox Government would like our lands to be used to their full potential as well as protest it for future generations to be able to continue on with our Tl'etinqox cultural practices.

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